Online Shoppe Guide

We’ve been working hard the past couple months to create a website with features suggested by you, our loyal customers! We listened to what you wanted, and we've implemented everything in our brand new website. New features include the following:

  • ·         Wishlists
  • ·         Waiting List
  • ·         Order Tracking
  • ·         Customer Support Tickets
  • ·         Order by Phone
  • ·         Payment Plans
  • ·         Gift Registries
  • ·         Mailing List
  • ·         Saved Carts
  • ·         Interactive Product Q&A
  • ·         Customer Rewards

Wishlists, Gift Registries, and Saved Carts

Wishlists & gift registries share a lot in common, but now you can have friends & family view what you love on our website by creating a gift registry for any occasion. Something else new we’ve added include saved carts. Items you place in your cart will be saved, and you will receive notices of the status of your cart automatically!

Waiting List

Now you can reserve your place in line to purchase popular items from our shoppe. You will be notified of when the item becomes available, and will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis.

Order Tracking, Order by Phone, and Payment Plans

Some things haven’t been changed, but have been improved. We now have a new and improved order tracking feature, along with the option to order by phone. Our payment plan policies haven’t changed, but now you can securely setup one through your account. Payment plans are still managed through Paypal.

Customer Support Tickets

We now have a new & easy system where you can submit a request to us directly from your account. Use it to ask questions about orders, payment plans, customer requests, and more. This new system will make it easier to communicate with us, allowing for faster response times.

Customer Rewards

Earn points to redeem for special rewards including, but not limited to:

  • ·         Discounts
  • ·         Gift Certificates
  • ·         Free Shipping
  • ·         Exclusive items not available for purchase
  • ·         Creating wishlists & gift registries
  • ·         Sharing on social media
  • ·         Leaving reviews & answering questions
  • ·         Promotional events
  • ·         and more!

Another added bonus, all of your past purchases will be counted towards your point balance once you create an account. Our rewards catalog will continue to grow, so there is no worry if you want to save your points as they will never expire!

Only orders placed on our website will be rewarded points. Our inventory will continue to grow over the next few months as new & current inventory is added. If you are a customer of ours on Etsy or eBay, and don’t see a product that we feature on those websites, please let us know so we may add it so that points will be rewarded towards your purchase.



Mailing List

Earn Rewards!